Decades on, search for justice against paedophile

India, August 15, 2016 – The Hindu

At 52, Canadian woman of Indian origin breaks her silence

Wanting to break the silence that protects paedophiles, a Canadian woman originally from Chennai has filed a complaint against a relative of hers who had sexually abused her as a child.

“I am 52 now and I still find it difficult to talk about it… how do you expect 10 and 11 year old to go to the police and talk about being sexually abused. I just wanted to let paedophiles know they are no longer protected by our silence. The only way to start turning the tide is to break the silence. If you shine the light on it, it can’t hide anymore,” she told The Hindu over the phone.

The incidents of abuse happened when she was around 10 years old and lived in various homes in Anna Nagar and Shenoy Nagar. They apparently stopped when she told the man to stop.

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“I understood he was doing something wrong only after I watched a TV show in Canada and then I started reading about it. When I was in my 20s, I tried to lodge a complaint in India through my brother, but that did not work since there were no laws pertaining to sexual abuse,” said the woman, who now wants parents to be able to protect their children from such men.

For sometime, she kept information about being abused to herself but when a niece was about to move to India with her family, she was afraid she too may have to face such a situation and then informed her family.

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“My brother accosted him and at first, he denied having done anything. But when he persisted, the man confessed to what he had done. However, he said he had done it out of love for me. His wife told me she had forgiven him, but I couldn’t,” she said finding it difficult to talk about the incidents.

Since her family knew about his acts, they ensured that she did not meet him anywhere. “It has been at least 25 years now, but it has never quite settled,” she said adding that in 2013, she decided it was time something was done about the matter and took it to the Canadian police. Though a file was created since, the perpetrator was not in Canada and when the incidents happened she was not in Canada, so nothing could be done.

“I was advised to mail the report made by the Canadian police to the police in India. I mailed it in March and I didn’t expect to hear back from them. But I did. I met a senior police officer,” she said.

Investigation on the case is ongoing, police officials confirmed.

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Teen Found Dead Under Air Mattress Believed to Be Suicide, NYPD Told Mom

By Trevor Kapp, Ben Appel and Aidan Gardiner | March 15, 2017 – – US

UPPER EAST SIDE — A 15-year-old boy found Tuesday night dead in his bedroom, taped inside of his sleeping bag under a flipped-over air mattress was believed to have committed suicide, the teen’s mother said detectives told her.

Atsumi Taniguchi, discovered her son, Takashi Taniguchi, who had been home alone in their East 85th Street apartment for the snow day, unconscious and unresponsive when she came home from work, she said.

“The detectives think it might be suicide,” the mom said, adding that she wasn’t aware of any problems with her son, who attended the School of the Future.

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An NYPD spokesman said investigators are waiting for autopsy results before making a determination of cause of death. There were no immediate arrests, police said.

The mother said that she didn’t suspect anything when she got home at 7:23 p.m.

“His room was closed and there was no light coming from inside so I thought he was sleeping,” Taniguchi said. “I tried to wake him up and knocked on the door, but it was locked from the inside,” she added.

The lunch money she had left for him was gone and there were wrappers from Shake Shack, a favorite fast-food joint of Takashi’s in the apartment, she said.

When she got the door open she discovered his mattress flipped over and him underneath in his sleeping bag unconscious.

The stunned mom wasn’t aware of any problems with her son. She said he told her he was happy after they moved into the two-bedroom East 85th Street home from their old cramped one-bedroom, she said.

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“He started researching the [furniture] he wants to get,” Taniguchi said. “He told me that he’s happy with the apartment.”

Takashi liked studying math and science, one day hoping to parlay that into a career as a programmer, his mom said.

He enjoyed playing Minecraft and other computer games with friends when he wasn’t out exploring the city, visiting the library with friends or Tompkins and Washington Square parks, she said.

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Friends at his school said Takashi was “very energetic” and “a nice guy” devoted to his studies.

On Wednesday morning, Takashi’s mom was left grieving and looking for answers.

“I only know the fact that he’s not here anymore and nothing else,” Taniguchi said.

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