I am addicted to sex outside marriage!

Question: I am young and successful and have been married for 6 years. My husband is the best husband one can wish for and we have healthy sexual life. But, my only problem is the fact that I am constantly looking for sex outside my marriage and living in this perpetual guilt thereafter. I have tried keeping away from men not once but infinite times, but end up straying always. How do I deal with this situation? – By Anonymous

Answer by Dr Parul Tank: This appears to be a sex addiction wherein one is obsessed by thoughts, fantasies and people seek pleasures from different partners sometimes . These kind of impulsive actions can have myriad repercussions. It can lead to a drift in your marriage and hamper a healthy relationship. Multiple sexual partners can be high risk in causing sexually transmitted illnesses.
I would suggest professional counselling to help you as i am certain this is causing you guilt and maladjustment in your personal life.
Dr Parul Tank is Psychiatrist at Fortis Hospital Mulund.